The Numbers

See our land!!!  Donations are being accepted for the Building – $40,000; Water – $3,500; Sanitation – $4,000; Energy – $3,500; Technology – $5,000; Staffing & Miscellaneous – $8,500.

Through generous efforts from the team of volunteers in the Ontulili community, OLRC has acquired the land for the Resource Center (valued at $5,500)!

The combined fundraising efforts of Team Indiana and Team Kenya continue.  There will be an event held in Kenya in February and the annual gala in Indiana early March to continue raising awareness and donations. With our mission and vision for OLRC guiding our efforts, we will reach each of our budgetary goals and exceed our vision of providing literacy resouces in the Ontulili community.

We’ll be posting more about those events, with updates as our numbers are met through your wonderful support and continued donations.



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